Sep 172011

God's own dish: tuna ramenYeah, well, you better believe it.

In an amazing display of the truly incredible, the undisputed master “Me Myself” cooked an amazing dinner last night! Did I already say amazing?

As a reality check, please do notice the appetizing image of the last meal I cooked. Go ahead, say it … yes, that is tuna ramen. Not simply my specialty but, prior to last night, the jeweled centerpiece of my culinary repertoire. I asked my wife, Annie, for an uplifting comment about the simple elegance of this legendary, go-to dish: “Creative chaos for the willing palate.”

Proof positive; she’s very supportive. Give yourself a hand, dear.

But, could things get any better? Oh yes, verily. By an order of magnitude. In the most common usage, that means 10 times better. Really, it’s not just an expression. Wink

For whatever magical reason, I came into my own in front of the cook top yesternight. Some may say, “inspired” or “gifted.” I believe the word they are looking for is: obtained. This procurement through grace mainfested in an ability to cook the most succulent treats and, enjoy them with others, at a startling pace. Mere minutes elapsed between consumption of each delicious morsel. Oh, the majesty!

“Wait a second,” the more astute among you are asking, “what, did he make popcorn again”?

Let us laugh together. Ahaha. I would understand your caution, had not I become the transcendent vessel of a cooking skill known only to a celestial few. I have, my friends, seen it. A spectacle of gastronomic magnificence beyond that even the halls of Lucullan could imagine. Fine breads, blended cheeses, tender beef sirloin, mushrooms and potatoes, exquisitely seasoned chicken and Ahi tuna. A tantalizing shrimp, boiled in a delectable vegetable bouillon.

Oh, no, I’m not done. And it is all true, lest ye now doubt.

I finished by coating several sweet delicacies (angel food cake, strawberries, marshmallows, fuji apples, and rice-krispy squares) with one of two different dreams: a dark chocolate and caramel dulce de leche, or an equally delightful dark chocolate mix with a hint of creamy peanut butter.

Divine doesn’t being to sum it up.

I can’t say precisely how or why I transformed — and that is the word — into such an unworldy adept epicurean maestro. For the sake of us all, and especially the dearly beloved few I was blessed to share with, let us dearly wish it so happens again.

Thanks for reading. I’ll bet you’re hungry!


a fondue restaurant [ed: We’re almost certain that federal disclosure laws require us to provide a link to this seemingly unrelated resource for today’s post]

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  • TJ

    Food Review: Rich's Diner presents a rather limited yet interesting menu created for the increasing "Go-To Crowd" in the greater Seattle area. His Ramen signature dish is TRULY an amazing and interesting collaboration of late night leftovers. An epicurean medley to tease, yet simply please one's palate. This is not a meal for the faint of heart. Bring a big spoon and be sure to savour each moist, delectable sodium filled bite. To accompany this tasty disaster, I mean dish, be sure to order the Timber Float. Smile