Sep 292011
Food for thought:
  • Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I am judging you.
  • I do think for myself. I just don’t agree with you.

THE FOLLOWING APPLIES UNIVERSALLY  — though some don’t know it yet …

You are intelligent. Your very well thought out conclusions are sometimes correct. When it comes to reproducible, verifiable, and irrefutable scientific evidence — you can rest assured that you’re right.

There are no small odds that the word “sometimes” in that earlier sentence caused you some hardship. Today, I’m privileged to let you down gently. On a broad swath of issues, you have considered the evidence and arrived at an opinion. You might not see it as such. Your axiomatic, ideological launching point has quite likely influenced your answer. The sacred cow of your fact is an illusion.

That’s really what I have to say. Take a look at the definitions below, kindly brought to us by Merriam Webster, Inc. Think carefully, and if you haven’t understood this dynamic before, good luck on your journey!

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