Dec 122011

We’re all more alike than we are different.

Think about it. Two, Ten, Eleven… eyes, fingers, toes Wink  — that applies to almost everyone. We eat, breath, and think. Cry when we’re sad, laugh when we’re happy, smile at babies. Every day, we work diligently to differentiate ourselves. Those little differences set us apart, give us identity, enable us to judge others, and determine who we are. What we do, how we do, and why we do are all critical distinctions, yet apart from our perceptions they are lost in a sea of sameness. We are a community of practically identical, completely different people.

Who knew?

Here’s another one, and it’s so incredibly important that you think it would be acknowledged and practiced everywhere. Well, not yet.

You are worthy of being loved, treated kindly, and accepted … for free.

That’s right. The minute you are born, there is nothing you need to do in order to deserve these things. If others seem to be making you “jump through hoops” to obtain these, then the problem lies fully with them.

Did you already know these? Most don’t. That’s why they are secrets. So, now, go share them!

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