About Me


Hello, and welcome!

My name is Rich. I’m a Christian, husband, father, step-father, friend, human, and long-term computer adorer.

I love shipping software, and I’m not overly particular about which. I’ve worked on business applications, compilers, games, security, DRM, anti-piracy and IT systems – that’s a partial list. The process of taking a vision, transforming it into requirements, designing, implementing, and managing the whole rodeo is what I love.

I have professional experience in technical support, programming, software testing, program & project managing, and extensive consulting. I’ve obtained good depth in each discipline, and enjoyed success in each.

In short, I’m a lucky guy doing what I love! (bytecave, todo)

Clearly, this page is under development. Smile Or would be, if I’d get around to doing it. Perhaps today?

The intent of my blogging style is to adhere to these rules:

Sorry about the link below. It’s required to use the FeedShark blog ping service that I use to alert various search engines and blog sites about a new post. I derive no benefit from you clicking it, so don’t feel compelled or even encouraged. Smile
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